Trans* Violence Tracking Portal

Trans* Violence Tracking Portal

Transgender Violence Advisory - Parker Marie Molloy

This weekend a young writer, Parker Marie Malloy, who has recently become well known for her transgender advocacy writings issued a vicious act of verbal violence against one of the transgender community’s advocates.  Although this was initially done in a private Facebook message, the content of the message was made public. That content came across as particularly violent. Public advocates have no business issuing such messages to others, and especially not to members of the transgender community, given the level of suicides that are within it.  The likelihood of self harm and even death is high and the consequences can be catastrophic.  It is even more disturbing that this is not an isolated event for Parker, only the first that has been publicly reported and documented. The demonstrated lack of concern for the victims, the impact on the community shows a serious lack of judgement for someone who has been at the forefront of advocacy for our community.


Parker’s actions, as with any public figure, have downstream ramifications that impact the lives of many individuals, policies, and groups.  Voltaire stated “With great power comes great responsibility.”  We are none of us called to be “saints,” but leaders of our community need to be held accountable when dangerous actions become known.

Violent attacks against trans people have been increasing around the world. The attacks include daily harassment, severe oppression, and vicious assaults that often result in our murders. The perpetrators include Transgender Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFS), right wing social conservatives, politicians, religious extremists, and even the public at large. This incident was reported and verified to the Transgender Violence Tracking Portal as direct violence against a transgender victim.  Lateral violence within our community simply cannot be tolerated or ignored without detrimental consequences to our entire community.

We wish no ill or harm to Parker. Yet as an advocacy group focused on ending violence against transgender people, we feel that prudence demands greater accountability and an immediate response to insure no other parties are harmed now or in the future.  We appreciate that Parker has apologized and admitted to anger issues in a statement on Facebook, but we strongly feel that the community needs to be informed to insure the safety of our community as well as Parker’s own well-being.  

Please use caution in your use of social media and use great care when in discussions. Please use good self-care and reach for your support systems for help should you be affected by violence. Above all stay safe!

The content of the exchange being discussed and the subsequent apology appear below:



Advocates and Organizations who have signed onto this alert (more to be added)



Allison Woolbert, Founder, Transgender Violence Tracking Portal

Kristin Beck, Spokeswoman Transgender Violence Tracking Portal

Jennell Jaquays, Transgender Violence Tracking Portal Steering Committee

Jacqueline Reynolds, Transgender Violence Tracking Portal Steering Committee

Aud Traher, Transgender Violence Tracking Portal Steering Committee

Brynne Soukup, Board of Directors, Transgender Human Rights Institute

Melissa Savage, Founder, TERF Tracker and Trans Safe Spaces

Bobbi Manners, Founder, TERF Tracker

Erin Fuller Co-Founder TERF Tracker

Debi Jackson, Founder,

Lynnette MFadzen - TheBiCast

John Clark - TheBiCast

Sarah Richardson Founder,

Jennifer Louise Lopez, ETNYC (Everything Transgender in NYC) 

Fallon Fox,

Kelsie Brynn Jones,

Rebecca Heineman,

Rebecca Denham

AJ Walkley

Kayley Whalen

Lauren Beach, JD/Phd

Jennifer Élise Atchison

Laila Villanueva


Olivia Page

Naomi Ceder

Dana Taylor, Network Infiltration Group

Sarina Reneigh Hamilton

Nyla Rose

Sherrie Larch

Sage Fox

Cyndi Bussell, Spokane Tall, WA