Trans* Violence Tracking Portal

Trans* Violence Tracking Portal

Transgender Woman with Logging Chain on Neck Escapes Slavers Press Release


Transgender Violence Tracking Portal

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The Transgender Violence Tracking Portal is astounded, saddened and stunned to report that a transgender woman was brutally tortured and held as a slave by two women and a man in Louisiana.  The systematic vileness of the dehumanization and assault on this woman by the three perpetrators is beyond words. 

The TVTP is greatly concerned as well by the rapid negative depiction and victim blaming towards this incredible transgender woman who survived such brutality.  No human being, regardless of gender, gender identity or gender expression is responsible for such brutality being perpetrated against them.  The culture of victim blaming has become an epidemic not only in the media, but across our society.  Let us be clear- Victim Blaming continues the cycle of violence against the victim!  A victim is never deserving of the violence and torture perpetrated against them. 

We are very grateful that has she has escaped, is now safe and that law enforcement has quickly acted to prevent any further harm to the community by these three individuals.  We wish her well on her recovery from such a horrid crime and hope that the prosecutor will enact appropriate charges quickly against the perpetrators.


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Note: we are very grateful to the reporter Annie Anderson for her outstanding reporting on this brutal crime.