Trans* Violence Tracking Portal

Trans* Violence Tracking Portal

Kristin Beck, retired Navy SEAL to be National Spokeswoman for Transgender Violence Tracking Portal



Transgender Violence Tracking Portal

Princeton, NJ (June 9, 2014) – The Transgender Violence Tracking Portal is proud to announce Kristin Beck as our new National Spokeswoman.  Ms. Beck is an activist, author, and retired Navy SEAL who has embraced a journey towards her true self as portrayed in a CNN Films documentary called "Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story."  A book by the same name will be released this fall which details her true journey.   

Ms. Beck will greatly aid the TVTP in its mission to grow greater awareness of the epidemic of anti-transgender violence, harassment and victimization of transgender people across the world.

The TVTP is an organization designed to collect data on anti-transgender murders, violence, suicides, missing persons and harassment in order to help build awareness for the transgender community and provide clarity to the public at large concerning anti-transgender acts against us. 

Transgender   people make up 1 to 1.5% of the world’s population but are about 400 times more likely to be assaulted or murdered than the rest of the population. These crimes are more likely to be violent, and are often meant to intimidate the entire community. Many of these crimes are left unsolved, which makes it doubly important to track and hold law enforcement accountable to solving these crimes.

Ms. Woolbert, founder of the TVTP stated “We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Beck to our team and look forward to her working with us.  Ms. Beck will be bringing to our organization the very best of dedication and forward thinking that our movement needs to continue to grow greater awareness for transgender people.”

Ms. Beck will be an outgoing spokeswoman, bringing our message to new and current venues as she continues to fight for a safer and more equitable global society.  With her strong voice and dedicated spirit, Ms. Beck will be a valued supporter for equal rights and the need for greater awareness towards the issues of violence facing transgender individuals worldwide. 

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Contact Person: Allison Woolbert, Founder

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If you cannot make a cash donation at this time, the TVTP project is in need of volunteers, researchers, and individuals willing to go to their local courthouse to inquire as to  trans* violence information or review "cold case files" to add to the database.